Construction Litigation Home Improvements NJ Edition

Construction Litigation Home Improvements NJ Edition

Construction Litigation Home Improvements NJ Edition, Princeton, Hopewell, East Windsor

We are now in the heart of the residential real estate season. As more and more people put their homes on the market, the need to make your home marketable becomes increasingly more important. As a result, many people will engage home improvement contractors to make improvements to their home to invite the best possible offer from a buyer.

Before you formally engage a home improvement contractor, be sure to check a sufficient number of the contractor’s references. You want to feel comfortable that you are hiring someone or an entity that will do a good job, and who will not run with your money.

Make sure that you request the contractor’s insurance information. You can request the contractor’s insurance declaration page. If a contractor does not want to provide this information, then you should not hire the contractor.

Never enter into a home improvement contract where the contractor demands that the total contract price be paid up front. Be sure that the payments are made in increments that coincide with the work being performed, and that the total contract price is stated in the contract.

Never pay in cash. Checks will provide a record of payment.

Make sure that the home improvement contract adequately describes the material being used, and that in fact this is the material that is later used on the construction job.

Make sure both you and the contractor sign the home improvement contract and maintain a copy of the home improvement contract for your records.

Finally, the home improvement contract should contain a three-day right of rescission allowing you to cancel the contract within three business days of signing it. This protects you in case you have second thoughts about the contract.

If you follow the above recommendations, hopefully you will minimize your exposure to contractors who take the money and run. The above is not meant to be an all exclusive list, but is a general guide.

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