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How Will Your Business Adapt for the Winter?

How Will Your Business Adapt for the Winter?

Autumn is lovely, but if you own a small business, winter looms large. With indoor capacity still limited to 25%, ideas are in high demand. We came up with some suggested alternatives for a variety of small businesses, and here they are:Home & GardenThis idea is specifically for hardware stores and/or garden centers. Depending on […]

Five Suggestions for Small Business Budgeting in 2020

Five Suggestions for Small Business Budgeting in 2020

Attention, small business owners! Have you begun budgeting for 2020? What are you waiting for? The economy may be booming, but global recession and political upheaval can always be waiting around the bend. Whether your plans are to expand or to toe the line, approach your 2020 budget with the following in mind:Emergency Fund – […]

Five Reasons to Relocate Your Business

Five Reasons to Relocate Your Business

Think about all the hard work and sacrifice that went into establishing your small business. Now, think about picking up and moving your business to another location. Is there ever a good reason to relocate a business? Here are five reasons:1. ProximityIdentifying the prospective clients of your business should have been one of the first […]

Five Insights for Hispanic Restaurateurs

Hispanic Restaurateurs

Latino entrepreneurs often face plenty of legal issues when attempting to open a start-up restaurant. However, investing in a restaurant business is an important area of engagement for Hispanic entrepreneurs. Above all other business issues that need to be considered beforehand, the negotiation of a lease takes precedent. How the restaurant can be financed and where […]

The Latino Small Business Boom

latino owned business

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, there are 4.4 million Latino-owned businesses in this country that are responsible for the injection of over $700 billion into the U.S. economy. In the past year alone, the average annual revenue of those businesses spiked by 26.5%, while the number of credit applications jumped 22%. The […]

The Three Essential Factors of Building Maintenance

building maintenamce

Building maintenance is not just a matter of keeping your place of business neat and tidy. It is a matter of guarding against loss of business due to property disrepair and inconvenient closures. You must plan for maintenance before something breaks. That is sound business management. There are three major factors to bear in mind when […]

Choosing the Right Location for Your Small Business: 8 Deciding Factors

Choosing the Right Location for Your Small Business

The best strategy follows extensive preparation. In Choosing the Right Location for Your Small Business: Budget & Space, we prepared by determining the budget and space needed to choose the right location for your small business. Now we can focus on eight specific factors in order to make our final selection.DemographicsWho are your target customers? […]

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