Consumer Protection Laws give the individual the means to fight back against those who take advantage

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC has the experience and dedication to guide you through a Consumer Law Claim

H. Benjamin Sharlin is a Spanish-speaking bilingual attorney who vigorously represents the rights of businesses and individuals alike.

Se Habla Español.

H. Benjamin Sharlin es un abogado bilingue que sirve a la comunidad Hispana para casos de las cortes munipales, casos de los derechos de los consumidores, casos de lesiones personales y en el trabajo, casos de los derechos comerciales, casos de los derechos laborales y para la venta de bienes raíces.

Consumer and Business Law Services

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When consumers purchase products or services, trust is established between consumers and sellers. Consumers trust that products and services will live up to their expectations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. All too often, consumers are subject to breaches of warranty or contract, unsafe or defective products, misleading advertisements, misleading practices or fraud.

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC was established by H. Benjamin Sharlin to serve the needs of individuals and businesses in Mercer County and the greater surrounding areas. Mr. Sharlin’s top priority is to provide his clients with first-class personalized service by keeping his clients up to date and offering a strategic plan for the pursuit or defense of a claim. Mr. Sharlin treats all cases with the utmost dignity and respect no matter how small the issue.

Committed to achieving outstanding results for his clients, Mr. Sharlin will work hard to make sure that his clients achieve the best possible outcome. Mr. Sharlin takes the time to explain the legal process step by step and enables his clients to make informed decisions regarding their case.

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC’s practice areas fit mainly into two categories, business and consumer law, and Mr. Sharlin works with businesses and consumers concerning a variety of legal issues. These practice areas overlap since consumer claims are against businesses. Mr. Sharlin’s knowledge of both of these areas of law is beneficial to his clients because it is advantageous to have an advocate who understands both sides of the spectrum.

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC offers bilingual representation to Spanish-speaking clients of the community. This in and of itself sets the Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC apart from many firms.

Mr. Sharlin looks forward to discussing with you how the Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC can serve your legal needs.

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