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Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC): What NJ Bar and Restaurant Owners Need to Know

Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)- What NJ Bar and Restaurant Owners Need to Know

What is the ABC, and how do they affect my bar or restaurant?Bar and restaurant owners in New Jersey are subject to a variety of regulations outlined in the state Administrative Code. Several of those regulations are enforced by the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), which oversees licensing, permits, and other issues related to […]

NJ Dram Shop Laws: What Bar Owners Need to Know

NJ Dram Shop Laws- What Bar Owners Need to Know

Dram shop laws clarify the liability assumed by vendors who serve alcohol if a person who became intoxicated in their establishment causes injury or damage to persons or property.  These laws vary from state to state, and New Jersey bar owners should be keenly aware of their responsibilities in preventing intoxication-related damage by their patrons. Armed […]

Marijuana Provisions for NJ Employers

NJ Employers – Rules and Regulations regarding Employee Marijuana UseEmployers wondering what the rules and regulations are for employees that use cannabis products has been answered by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The latest provision passed by the Commission focuses on what employers can do to keep their workplaces drug-free. The rule states, “No employer […]

Plastic Bag Ban Effects on Businesses

Starting on May 4, 2022, businesses will no longer be able to sell or provide single-use plastic or paper bags. The ban signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy on November 4, 2020 prohibits the provision or sale of single-use plastic carryout bags and polystyrene foam foodservice products in all stores and food-service businesses statewide. It […]

How to Become an LLC

How to Become an LLC

As the world turns back toward a sense of normalcy, many individuals are beginning to explore opening their own businesses. As a business law attorney, H. Benjamin Sharlin, Esquire assists aspiring business owners through their journey to becoming an LLC and even beyond. There are several steps that must be completed to gain the LLC title. […]

Employers Face Legal and Ethical Questions as COVID Patients Return to Work

Employers Face Legal and Ethical Questions as COVID Patients Return to Work

The transition from on-location to online office work has been disorienting for many, but especially so for people with mental and physical disabilities. Like so many others, they faced the effects of isolation and other difficulties triggered by working from home. Employers are about to face some serious legal and ethical questions regarding disabled workers. Businesses […]

Six Changes Made to the Paycheck Protection Program in 2021

ppp 2021

The US Treasury and the Small Business Administration have reopened the Paycheck Protection Program once again. In December of 2020, the U.S. government signed another COVID relief package into law. Another $284 billion in additional lending will now be available to eligible businesses even if they already received a loan months ago. The new loans are […]

Are Contact Tracing Apps an Invasion of Privacy?

Contact Tracing

Many employers are playing it loose with privacy and employment laws to meet legal requirements for keeping track of employees and their interactions. This is called contact tracing and it is essential in the war against COVID-19.  Technology now exists to aid in this impossible task, in the form of contact-tracing apps. Employees who test positive […]

How Are Business Partners Held Liable?

How Are Business Partners Held Liable

There are three types of partnerships: general partnership, limited liability partnership and limited partnership. The type of partnership determines the amount of liability you can potentially face. Depending on which describes your business, you can define your responsibilities accordingly.General Partnership  General partnership is the most common type of partnership. No formalities are required for a […]

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