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Marijuana Provisions for NJ Employers

NJ Employers – Rules and Regulations regarding Employee Marijuana UseEmployers wondering what the rules and regulations are for employees that use cannabis products has been answered by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The latest provision passed by the Commission focuses on what employers can do to keep their workplaces drug-free. The rule states, “No employer […]

How Are Business Partners Held Liable?

How Are Business Partners Held Liable

There are three types of partnerships: general partnership, limited liability partnership and limited partnership. The type of partnership determines the amount of liability you can potentially face. Depending on which describes your business, you can define your responsibilities accordingly.General Partnership  General partnership is the most common type of partnership. No formalities are required for a […]

Business Insurance Coverage Options for Recouping Losses

Business Insurance Coverage Options for Recouping Losses

Business interruption (BI) insurance is just one avenue being explored by businesses currently assessing any current or future losses caused by COVID-19. Another possibility is Civil Authority coverage, which could address the restrictions placed on certain businesses by the government. Finally, a third option is called Contingent Property or Dependent Property coverage, which pertains to […]

New Law Lifts Burden of Proof For Worker’s Compensation Benefit Claims

Worker’s Compensation Benefit Claims

No one has been exposed to the coronavirus more than essential workers such as first responders, nurses or caregivers in nursing homes. Yet, the struggle to clear the path for them to qualify for worker’s compensation benefits continues. A new bill signed by Governor Murphy will remove the burden of proof and will give essential […]

Everything You Need to Consider Before Closing Your Business

Everything You Need to Consider Before Closing Your Business

At the start of 2020, New Jersey was home to close to 900,000 small businesses. It is difficult to say how many remain open, but is certain that many have permanently closed, or are on the verge of dissolution. At this juncture, business owners need to ask themselves if a full dissolution is even necessary. […]

Five Facts Employers Need to Know Before Hiring Undocumented Workers

Hiring undocumented workers

Failure to verify an employee’s authorization to work in the United States can lead to serious legal issues. Knowing the basics of hiring undocumented workers is essential. Here are five facts that will help to avoid catastrophe:Authorization is required.Employers are required by law to verify that all employees are authorized to work in the United […]

Claims for Wrongful Termination During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination has become an extraordinarily complex matter during the COVID-19 outbreak. Employers are struggling to keep up with the massive changes in the legal landscape. With employees focused on remaining employed and feeding their families, it is just as unlikely that they are aware of the legal issues surrounding the pandemic. It is overwhelming, […]

NJ Department of Labor Changes for 2020: What are your rights?

Worker’s Compensation Benefits in 2020

As of January 1, 2020, the New Jersey Department of Labor announced increases in the maximum benefit rates and taxable wage base as of January 1 for its Unemployment Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, Family Leave Insurance and Workers’ Compensation programs.  It uses a statewide average weekly wage (SAWW) to determine worker’s compensation benefits every year. […]

No Small Business is Safe from Data Breaches

No Small Business is Safe from Data Breaches

Macy’s, T-Mobile and restaurant chains like Moe’s, McAlister’s Deli, and Schlotsky’s have all suffered data breaches. That kind of thing only happens to them, right? Wrong. In 2020, if you own a small business and have a technology budget, security is the most significant investment you can make. What are some other technology investments? It could […]

Top-Tier Event Celebrates Latinx Business Boom

Top-Tier Event Celebrates Latinx Business Boom

We are living in the era of a new mainstream economy. It is driven, in large part, by Latino entrepreneurs, consumers and workers. In September 2019, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, with the collaboration of Wells Fargo, a top-tier business and media event was launched. It is called L’ATTITUDE. In alignment with Wells Fargo’s […]

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