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NJ Home Improvement Contractors Still Not Subject to Criminal Background Checks

Home Improvement Contractors

“Shock and awe” is a military tactic where overwhelming power and enormous displays of force are used to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight. The term also refers to when an unscrupulous figure takes advantage of a shock to the system, such as a weather-related crisis or natural […]

Liability to Construction Workers for Personal Injury

​Liability to Construction Workers for Personal InjuryThe Control ParadoxIs it possible to be held liable for an injury sustained by a construction worker while working on a project at your home? Absolutely. Just thinking about this probably makes you think about watching over that next home improvement like a warden and exercising the utmost control. […]

In NJ, the HIC Must Heed the Consumer Fraud Act

consumer fraud act | Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC | Hamilton NJ

Homeowners, Contractors & Consumer FraudWhen we refer to how in New Jersey Home Improvement Contractors must heed the Consumer Fraud Act (“CFA”), we couldn’t be more serious. According to the CFA, there are three ways in which a contractor can commit consumer fraud: affirmative misrepresentations, knowing omissions and certain regulatory violations. All of these sound […]

Registering with the New Home Warranty Program

Registering With the New Home Warranty Program | Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin, LLC NJ Transactional Attorney

Keeping the “sweet” in “home sweet home” is not just the concern of the buyer, but is the responsibility of the builder as well. If you are in the business of constructing owner-occupied new homes, you must register with the New Home Warranty Program. Owner-occupied homes can include:Single family housesTwo family houses (duplexes)Factory-built housesTownhousesCo-opsCondominiumsModular residencesWHO […]