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Facing Fear and Avoiding Scams in 2017

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Spring may be a season associated with new beginnings, but when it comes to consumer law, attorneys will most likely run into the same old list of scams in 2017. Scammers may try new approaches to their old tricks, but if consumers keep falling for them, we can expect these scams to return year after year. One way or another, expect to encounter these familiar ploys:

Phishing Scams

You are hopefully aware of phishing scams. If not, they come in e-mail form and the sender always appears to be an organization you are familiar with. However, do not let your guard down. This type of scammer has been improving. Logos look like actual company logos. E-mail addresses look authentic. If the e-mail is infected, the toxic software dumped on your system is just the beginning. The real purpose of the perpetrator is to “phish” for private information, which is used to steal your identity or take out loans in your name.

Another method is to direct you to click on a link. You may be asked to update account information, review a purchase or approve a transaction. Another trick is to lure you to a knock-off website and ask for your login and password, which is then lifted and used to access the actual site. The goal of the imposter is to steal your identity and use it for illegal purposes.

Defend yourself from such scams by not following any leads or instructions that originate from an e-mail asking you for such information. You can always go to the website of any organization without offering personal information or clicking on a suspicious link. Simply open a new browser window.

Hijacking Devices

Anyone can freely give control of their devices to a technician. All it takes is downloading malware or even a deceptively innocent attachment. Suddenly, you cannot access your files. Before you know it, the same party that made your computer inaccessible wants to charge you to free up your computer.

Imposter Scams

Who would not be alarmed to hear there is a warrant out for their arrest? For example, the caller claims to be calling from a government agency and threatens you regarding overdue taxes. These tend to be phone calls, but some come in the form of e-mail or text message.

Social Media Scammers

Fake ads, promises of prizes and pharmaceutical offers are just a few of the old standbys. According to ITSecurityGuru.org, an IT security news site, social media phishing attacks increased by 500% in 2016.

The intent of this post is to point out various consumer scams and to hopefully heighten your awareness so that you do not fall prey to them. If you have been scammed, do not wait before you seek legal guidance. Contact this office for free initial consultation.

Please be advised that this blog is for informational purposes only, is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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