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Choosing the Right Location for Your Small Business: 8 Deciding Factors

Choosing the Right Location for Your Small Business

The best strategy follows extensive preparation. In Choosing the Right Location for Your Small Business: Budget & Space, we prepared by determining the budget and space needed to choose the right location for your small business. Now we can focus on eight specific factors in order to make our final selection.DemographicsWho are your target customers? […]

What is an Asset Purchase Agreement?

asset purchase agreement

An agreement between a seller of business assets and a buyer is called an asset purchase agreement. It sets the terms of the sale and includes provisions such as payment of the purchase price. All of the business assets, fixtures, furnishings and equipment that the seller utilized for company business are included. This also includes […]

Five Challenges Facing the Family Business

running a family business

Anyone who starts a business will have plenty of hurdles to overcome. The same could be said for starting a family. What happens when you combine the two? Here are five challenges one might face while running a family business:Playing FavoritesEmployees of a family business often get the job because they are related to the […]