Four Essential Documents for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Four Essential Documents for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Four Essential Documents for Small Businesses During COVID-19

The services of small business attorneys are more essential than ever. Typical contracts may prove difficult to fulfill, employees may need to be furloughed, health and safety policies will have to change and temporary work from home policies will have to be created. The use of these four crucial documents will play an important role in months to come:

Force majeure contract termination letter

Certain contracts will no longer be feasible or able to be carried out. A force majeure contract termination letter refers to a clause in the contract that allows a business to terminate based on certain conditions, such as epidemics and pandemics. It serves written notice to another business or individual and contains important information such as the start date of the contract, the reason for termination and when it goes into effect.

Furlough letter

Many employees have been laid off due to the coronavirus, but not all. Some have been kept on the payroll or furloughed rather than fired. This document seeks permission from an employee, confirms their status and the date the furlough begins. It also provides the basis for their return.

Health and safety policy

Health and safety policies will be irrevocably changed in the wake of the pandemic. A commitment to both must be demonstrated before workers return. With this document in place, the responsibilities of managers and employees should be clearly delineated, as well as all key workplace issues. Businesses are legally required to have such a policy in writing if they have five or more employees. Staff will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines, wear protective equipment, and follow other new procedures.

Temporary work from home policy

Working from home is a new way of life. If they do not already, more and more employees will be requesting to do so. Creating a temporary work from home policy sets guidelines for them to follow. It should cover hours of work, necessary equipment and materials, expenses, security, health and safety, sickness, tax, holiday arrangements, insurance and the termination of at-home work. This massive shift is going to need to be put in writing, with the aid of attorneys that focus on business law.

Small business attorneys are not only a resource for such documents, but we educate our clients and guide them in their current situations. Getting a grip on an ever-changing future will depend on knowledge of the law.

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