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How Will Your Business Adapt for the Winter?

How Will Your Business Adapt for the Winter?

Autumn is lovely, but if you own a small business, winter looms large. With indoor capacity still limited to 25%, ideas are in high demand. We came up with some suggested alternatives for a variety of small businesses, and here they are:

Home & Garden

This idea is specifically for hardware stores and/or garden centers. Depending on how much outdoor space you have available, selling Christmas trees is a viable option. Seasonal spirit should not be affected by the pandemic blues. In fact, folks will be in dire need. Start small, with only a few trees. Add some wreaths, garlands or other decorative items.

Bakeries & Boutiques

Bunker down and get creative. Put that extra time to good use, let your imagination loose and conjure up as many assortments of product as possible. If that is not enough for customers, let them customize. Have this option available on your web site.

Lawn & Landscape

If you own the right trucks, snow removal is probably already a part of your business. If not, you may want to consider investing in one, or additional items, such as plowing equipment or snowblowers. Break out your client list and start contacting them now. While you are at it, review other services, such as trimming back trees and shrubs, removing dead plants, draining sprinklers, fertilizing lawns and planting bulbs that will sprout in the spring.

Food & Dining

It is time to think outside the box. What type of events might your space be suited for? Companies may still want to hold holiday parties.  Invest in outdoor heaters. Couples are searching for safer, smaller spaces to have their weddings. Otherwise, double down on curbside pick-up and delivery.

Health & Fitness

Families have been scrambling to create home fitness set-ups since lockdown began. As a result, equipment, ranging from dumbbells to kettle bells are out of stock or backordered without reorder dates. Fitness coaches and personal trainers may be able to position themselves as guides during this home gym boom. After all, their profession is one of many significantly impacted by Covid restrictions. This is a good time to prove that fitness knowledge does not have to be presented in-person to be valuable. Take to Zoom if you have not already!

Small business experts are sympathetic. As we struggle to support our own families in these trying times, we are compelled to dedicate our efforts toward being there for clients to ensure a future for our economy. More ideas are bound to come If we put our heads together.

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