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Visit NJBAC’s Office of Small Business Advocacy

Small Business Advocacy

The New Jersey Business Action Center (“NJBAC”) is a business advocacy team located within the New Jersey Department of State dedicated to solving problems and maximizing growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes. It is a resource that helps business owners get answers from government agencies, all at no cost and strictly confidential. NJBAC is available to entrepreneurs and start-ups, businesses located on “Main Street” and businesses on corporate campuses. Even if you are simply interested in expanding your products and services through export, NJBAC is available to you. It even has a hotline: 1-800-JERSEY-7.

While NJBAC has the capacity to assist businesses of all sizes in any of its 565 municipalities, this office mostly focuses on small businesses in the Mercer County area, especially those that are owned and operated by Latino businessmen and women.

NJBAC’s Small Business Advocates will provide guidance on choosing your company’s name, legal entity type, small business and minority certification and licensing. The office will assign you a mentor to help you start your business and develop a business plan. There is a variety of financial resources available through state agencies, community-based micro-lenders and other valuable sources.  NJBAC will even assist you in hiring the employees you need to run your business.

Small businesses are not just important this to office. They are a critical component to New Jersey’s economy. Did you know that New Jersey ranks 11th in the number of small businesses in the United States? Despite being 47th in size, the State contains 861,000 enterprises and counting.

In addition to hosting “Resource for Growth” events that match business owners with state and county representatives, lenders, and community partners, NJBAC offers a variety of resources administered by its Small Business Advocates. Advocates can help you develop social media strategies and prepare financial statements. They can assist you with credit repair services to help position a favorable application process. If you encounter any issues with licensing or professional certifications, they can serve as troubleshooters.

Think you are too small to compete for government contracts? Advocates will train you and provide technical assistance. They will notify you of requests for proposals (RFPs). Most importantly, you will be provided with any information that is essential to competing for government contracts.

Are you starting to think globally? NJBAC has a team of International Advocates from its Office of Export Promotion that will help set you up. Information such as exporting basics about regulatory compliance, custom procedures, reporting or other related topics will be placed at your fingertips.

When you store NJBAC’S contact info, be sure to include ours as well. NJBAC and the Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC share a mission: providing entrepreneurs and small business owners the framework and advice needed to successfully operate their business.

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