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Visit NJBAC’s Office of Small Business Advocacy

Small Business Advocacy

The New Jersey Business Action Center (“NJBAC”) is a business advocacy team located within the New Jersey Department of State dedicated to solving problems and maximizing growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes. It is a resource that helps business owners get answers from government agencies, all at no cost and strictly confidential. NJBAC is […]

Four Questions Your Small Business Should Ask When a Contract is Breached

Four Questions Your Small Business Should Ask When a Contract is Breached

Like a good story, all contracts have a beginning, middle and an end. However, there are several ways a contract might end. Hopefully, contracts are performed as expected. Some, however, are lawfully terminated. Others are breached. When a breach occurs, it is often unexpected, frustrating and possibly threatening. Breach of contract is a legal matter. However, […]

Is an Oral Contract a Valid Agreement?

Is an Oral Contract a Valid Agreement

Is an oral contract a valid agreement? A contract is normally thought of as a document. It includes features like the parties involved, each party’s obligations and penalties for failure to abide by the terms of the agreement.  There must be a written agreement to have a binding arrangement between two parties, right? While this […]

The Basics of Breach of Contract

breach of contract basics

Someone breaches a contract, a plaintiff or a defendant, and needs representation.  The rest is history…if only it were that simple. Contracts are created involving goods, services, real estate, employment and a whole host of other subjects.What does the plaintiff have to prove?With every breach of contract, the plaintiff must start by proving that the […]