Take Your Business to the Next Level with the NJ Business Action Center

Take Your Business to the Next Level with the NJ Business Action Center

NJ Business Action Center

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner, you can never have enough resources. Free ones are especially the best. One that comes to mind is the New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC). This strictly confidential, business-first resource will help you get answers from government agencies, direct you to appropriate officials or contacts, facilitate meetings and follow-ups with regulatory agencies.

As part of the Department of State, this business advocacy team is dedicated to problem-solving and maximizing growth opportunities. Their Business Helpline is 1-800-Jersey-7. It does not matter if you are just starting out, own a business on “Main Street,” operate from a corporate campus or simply want to expand your products and services.

Speaking of products and services, NJBAC’s list is impressive. Its summary of resources is customized and created to identify, describe and quantify all government grants and financing programs available to support business expansion, retention and consolidation projects throughout the state.

Small businesses that wish to participate in internationally-focused trade shows can seek eligibility for NJSTEP grant awards. They can also benefit from project management services offered by knowledgeable business advocates who will guide them through complex projects, government incentive grant and financing programs, approvals and grant compliance. Additional consultants and facilitators share expertise in workforce training grants, talent recruitment and energy efficiency programs.

The site features government navigation guidance and support for businesses seeking state and local permits and regulatory approvals. It features business real estate reports and corporate facility site searches. If you prefer to hear a human voice, there is a business call center for guidance on incorporating, small business and minority certifications and licensing and financing programs. There is even an emergency call center. In the wake of hurricanes, storms and other disasters, it exists to help get businesses back on their feet.

Explore New Jersey’s future and join the discussion by checking out podcasts and news of the state’s most recent advancements into the motion picture industry. From there, you can enter the NJ Business Portal. This grants you access to newsletters and alerts you to upcoming events. It also has recently announced the state’s first research asset database, ResearchwithNJ.com. It is a free database designed to give entrepreneurs and business owners access to thousands of experts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They can also collaborate with participating universities, such as Princeton, Rutgers, Rowan, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Stevens Institute of Technology. The site is sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

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