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Five Suggestions for Small Business Budgeting in 2020

Five Suggestions for Small Business Budgeting in 2020

Attention, small business owners! Have you begun budgeting for 2020? What are you waiting for? The economy may be booming, but global recession and political upheaval can always be waiting around the bend. Whether your plans are to expand or to toe the line, approach your 2020 budget with the following in mind:Emergency Fund – […]

Trenton Receives $100,000 Grant to Stimulate Economic Growth

Trenton Receives $100,000 Grant to Stimulate Economic Growth

Different people have different impressions of our state capital. It depends on your perspective. The most common attitude among Trentonians, however, is pride, along with a deep, abiding hunger for self-improvement and success. Creating new jobs and establishing new businesses is at the center of that drive. Now, thanks to the New Jersey Economic Development […]

Online Small Business Financing Platform Reveals Record Year for Latino-Owned Businesses

latino owned business

Biz2Credit is an online small business financing platform that uses technology to streamline the funding process. It was founded in 2007 by Rohit Arora. The platform handles more than 5,000 new loan applications each month and was named one of Crain’s “Fast 50” New York companies in 2014. One of the rankings it produces on […]

Five Things to Get Your Business Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

Five Things to Get Your Business Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

Your friends may be posting clever memes about the holiday season starting too early. For business owners, it cannot start too soon. This is a time for boosting profits and minimizing stress. These are the final months of the year and if November and December are your busy season, then these are five things you […]

Top-Tier Event Celebrates Latinx Business Boom

Top-Tier Event Celebrates Latinx Business Boom

We are living in the era of a new mainstream economy. It is driven, in large part, by Latino entrepreneurs, consumers and workers. In September 2019, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, with the collaboration of Wells Fargo, a top-tier business and media event was launched. It is called L’ATTITUDE. In alignment with Wells Fargo’s […]

Small Businesses and the Benefits of Charitable Contributions

Small Businesses and the Benefits o

As a brand-new small business owner, you may not be feeling inclined to give money away. After all, the whole idea was to get that cash flowing in the opposite direction. Guess what? That cash flows from consumers, and consumers like companies to support charitable causes. So, start with your business plan. Incorporate charitable donations, […]

Is an Oral Contract a Valid Agreement?

Is an Oral Contract a Valid Agreement

Is an oral contract a valid agreement? A contract is normally thought of as a document. It includes features like the parties involved, each party’s obligations and penalties for failure to abide by the terms of the agreement.  There must be a written agreement to have a binding arrangement between two parties, right? While this […]

Immigrant-Owned Small Businesses Are a Critical Component of NJ’s Economy

Main Street Businesses

According to an article in New Jersey Policy Perspective, small “Main Street” businesses like grocery stores, hair salons and restaurants are more likely to be owned by immigrants, rather than native-born residents. These businesses are responsible for almost $1 billion in annual economic activity. They are also critical to downtowns and local economies across the […]

Take Your Business to the Next Level with the NJ Business Action Center

NJ Business Action Center

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner, you can never have enough resources. Free ones are especially the best. One that comes to mind is the New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC). This strictly confidential, business-first resource will help you get answers from government agencies, direct you to appropriate officials […]

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