Small Business Saturday

As a business law attorney, I work with a lot of small business owners. It just so happens that I am one as well. Not only is that an advantage in my line of work, but it adds a sense of camaraderie between me and my clients.

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known as Black Friday, when many Americans watch other Americans behave like lunatics in viral YouTube videos. However, the day after that is Small Business Saturday, when folks can support local businesses in the community and still get the jump on holiday shopping. If you have not done so, here are some great reasons to shop on Small Business Saturday:


Creating jobs is a form of gift-giving, when you think about it. Spending your hard-earned cash at a small business helps to stimulate the local economy. The 28 million small businesses in America account for 54 percent of all sales in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration. Fifty-five percent of all jobs generated in this country, since the 1970s, have been created by small businesses.

Juntos Podemos Shop Small


Local businesses, such as coffee shops and pizza parlors, are community hubs. Without open mics held at coffee shops, where do local musicians play? Who sponsors little league fundraisers? Businesses like pizza parlors do. These brick and mortar establishments develop partnerships and strengthen ties with people in the neighborhood.


Do you think you can create a ripple effect in your local economy? Do not just shop at one business in the neighborhood. Visit the neighboring independent retailers! Do you need help finding which business will be participating in this year’s Small Business Saturday? Use this store locator tool.


If you have been to one big box chain location, you have been to them all. That is the whole idea. Their goods are mass-produced, which hardly makes them unique. Something locally made could be the perfect gift for a significant other, who will feel as if they have the only one of its kind! If you are going out, sample the specialty drinks and craft brews at the local watering hole.


There is nothing wrong with mainstream retailers, but back-to-back non-descript strip malls tend to erode the luster of a vibrant community. Walking down Main Street in a “main street” town is a unique, American experience. Knowing that a fellow member of the community is the “mom” or “pop” in that mom and pop deli is a feeling that cannot be replaced.

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