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The Three Essential Factors of Building Maintenance

building maintenamce

Building maintenance is not just a matter of keeping your place of business neat and tidy. It is a matter of guarding against loss of business due to property disrepair and inconvenient closures. You must plan for maintenance before something breaks. That is sound business management. There are three major factors to bear in mind when […]

Eight Things to Consider Before Selling Your Franchise Interest

Selling Your Franchise Interest

Selling a franchise is not the same as selling an independent business.  When you sell a franchise interest, you are just changing the ownership interest (for example, one Dunkin Donuts store out of the franchise of stores). The new owner and the franchisee must agree on a sale number. The prospective owner must also prove […]

The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud

consumer fraud

Those who commit consumer fraud are fraudsters who prey on ignorance. Therefore, the best defense against consumer fraud is education. Do not allow yourself to be victimized. Read the following and learn about the most common forms of consumer fraud.Mortgage Fraud According to the FBI, the victims of most modern mortgage scams are distressed homeowners. […]

Registering with the New Home Warranty Program

Registering With the New Home Warranty Program | Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin, LLC NJ Transactional Attorney

Keeping the “sweet” in “home sweet home” is not just the concern of the buyer, but is the responsibility of the builder as well. If you are in the business of constructing owner-occupied new homes, you must register with the New Home Warranty Program. Owner-occupied homes can include:Single family housesTwo family houses (duplexes)Factory-built housesTownhousesCo-opsCondominiumsModular residencesWHO […]

The Importance of Discovery in NJ Municipal Court

Discovery in NJ Municipal Court | Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin | Mercer County NJ

Many attorneys take for granted the use of discovery in NJ municipal court matters. What is discovery? Discovery is evidence that you gather from the State or third parties that may assist you with the defense of your case. Discovery in municipal matters, just like in any court matter, is very important. It may lead […]

Negotiating Severance in New Jersey

Negotiating Severance in New Jersey - Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC - Princeton - Hamilton NJ

Employment Law and the Negotiation of Severance in New JerseyThere is no magic to negotiating severance in New Jersey. The negotiation of satisfactory severance agreement terms will depend on the strength of your potential employment case and your employer. Whether your employer is a large corporation or a small business will play into the mix. […]

Spanish Speaking Attorney: Se Habla Español


​Spanish Speaking Attorney: Se Habla EspañolThe ability to speak another language has become increasingly more important for attorneys as the population of non-English speakers continues to grow exponentially. The ability to speak Spanish allows attorneys to service an entire segment of the population that otherwise would be unavailable. While interpreters can be useful in some […]