Join the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Join the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce GPHCC

Join the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (“GPHCC”). If you are a Latino entrepreneur in the Greater Philadelphia area, it is the smart move. You will be the recipient of the GPHCC’s considerable expertise.

For example, the GPHCC has been building and brokering business relationships within the Hispanic community. It does this by facilitating access to the Latino community, by other individuals and organizations, for mutual business development, diversity enhancement, community support and sustainable growth. The GPHCC does not only rely on its own expertise, but it identifies and collaborates with the expertise of the Latino community. Yet, while understanding its needs, the chamber knows the appropriate levels of support and promotion necessary to allow businesses to increase capacity and sustainability.

To the Latino business community, the GPHCC is, first and foremost, a resource. In addition to the aforementioned access to business and community leaders, the chamber is the premier resource for information relative to business support and expansion. That is because it provides access to marketing demographics and strategies specific to the segmentation of the Latino community. This information allows for matchmaking between institutions and businesses, which ideally leads to enhanced diversity and growth. Most importantly, all levels of business can turn to the GPHCC for access to capital. It will help determine and grant qualification for financial support.

The benefits of joining the GPHCC depend on where you are in your career or who you are representing. If you are a student or professional looking to advance your career, you will want to connect to its valuable and reliable professional network. ​ Career development opportunities are posted regularly. There is access to mentorship and mentoring opportunities, not to mention access to leadership development opportunities.

Corporations or large non-profit organizations should join in order to gain insight into the Latino marketplace. You will gain the opportunity to diversify your supply chain with Latino entrepreneurs and businesses. It will not be long before you establish a presence in the Latino community.

Entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business will get off to the right start as soon as the GPHCC starts connecting you with experts. You will develop your client base. Have you been dreaming of being able to rely on others, possibly to the extent of having a day off? You will also receive management and growth training. At this level, you will learn to turn referrals into opportunities. You will learn to build your network. This means more connections. Connect to alternative finance solutions and grants. Connect with experts that will help you solve your problems.

That leaves established businesses. What do you have to gain? You should still be seeking contracts and growth opportunities. Join the GPHCC and connect with its network of experts and influencers. Receive introductions to decision-makers and qualified business leads. Are you the type that never grows tired of learning? Inquire about training in advanced business topics. Keep establishing connections. Keep hunting capital and get connected with diverse sources and alternative financing solutions. 

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