Small Business Owners and the Need for Small Business Lawyers

Small Business Owners and the Need for Small Business Lawyers

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You have been operating your small business for just under five years and you are still waiting for trouble before you get help. Can you really afford to take the inevitable hit? Before an unwelcome situation arises, consult an attorney.

By the time you are knee-deep in legal issues, attempting to navigate them on your own, you are in trouble with a capital T. Smart business owners are proactive. They seek legal counsel before making critical decisions that will aid, protect and grow their business.

Before hitting you with a list, let’s start with a hypothetical situation. A large company is threatening you to pay them a substantial sum of money which you do not feel you owe. What do you do? One option would be to have a lawyer write a letter to the larger company requesting a review of an initial contract. A simple step like that can prevent a devastating situation.

There are plenty more reasons a small business might need a small business lawyer. You may run into one, several or all of them. It can happen at any time. Why leave yourself vulnerable? Educate yourself now on these possibilities:

Debt Collection: You think all you need is a collection agency. Then, you find out you have to give them a percentage of the debt. Collecting debt is not easy for most small businesses. That is why agencies exist for this sole purpose. If you are already retaining a lawyer, it is just one of many problems he or she can help with.

Contract and Document Review: Imagine how you feel about reading the terms and conditions above any dotted line. Do you know how often that same scenario will arise once you own a small business, only with much higher stakes? Do not sign important papers or documents unless you have been professionally advised.

Contractor or Supplier Disputes: Ever break up with someone? Did you have to figure out whose stuff is whose, and how it is going to get back to its rightful owner? Now we are talking about the relationship you have with a contractor, vendor or supplier. Things are “peachy” when everything is working well. When conflict arises, you need representation.

Product Liability Issues: We know you are proud of your product. Once it is out there, you learn about its functionality and how it operates. If anything goes wrong, you have product recalls and other issues to deal with. Let an attorney deal with the hassle, while protecting your brand at the same time.

Customer Lawsuits: If it is not your product causing you headaches, it is the people that are buying it. This country sees a prolific amount of customer lawsuits daily. It is part of life. Do yourself a favor and invest in the peace of mind of having a legal professional on your team – your go-to attorney!

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