Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC – Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary!

Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC – Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary!

Celebrating 1 year anniversary

After practicing for nearly 10 years with other firms, in October 2014, H. Benjamin Sharlin launched his law practice to better suit the needs of individuals and small businesses in Mercer County and the surrounding areas. This past year, Mr. Sharlin has aggressively represented clients in areas, including construction litigation, employment law, personal injury, workers’ compensation, municipal law, commercial litigation and transactional matters such as real estate, commercial leases and the sale of a franchise interest. Mr. Sharlin is a bilingual Spanish-speaking attorney, who sets himself aside from many firms by providing these legal services to the Spanish-speaking local community.

Mr. Sharlin thrives on providing first-class legal services to his clients and zealously fights for their rights. No matter the size of the case or issue, Mr. Sharlin works hard to achieve the best results.

Mr. Sharlin is well-regarded by his clients. Some examples of client testimonials of Mr. Sharlin include:

His knowledge and compassion are invaluable.

He is a lawyer that really attends to the best interests of his clients.

I … contacted Mr. Sharlin a few months ago with the task of selling my franchised map business. I had spoken to two other attorneys prior who were too busy at the time to help me accomplish my tasks and were not sure how to handle some of the aspects of the franchise agreement and how to move forward with my potential buyers. Mr. Sharlin responded quickly, set up calls to understand my circumstances and worked with the franchise company to comply with all the legal matters and contact the buyers to help with the negotiation. Mr. Sharlin was also available to answer questions or to ask me questions in regard to what I thought was best for the sale. I couldn’t be more happy with his work and would definitely hire Mr. Sharlin again in a heartbeat!

I have been a client of Mr. Sharlin for a few months. He never stops thinking about what’s next. Very knowledgeable and compassionate with a sense of humor. I would recommend him in a second and will use him for all my legal matters.

Recently was faced with a major traffic violation (points, high fine and increased insurance rates). I needed a savvy attorney. H. Benjamin Sharlin was recommended to me and I’m so thankful for all of his help. He was extremely thorough and made sure he had all the police reports, and my statement on exactly what happened. We reviewed all the material a few times prior to going to court. After a meeting with the Prosecutor, I left the courthouse with a low fine, no points, no insurance increase and peace of mind. This was the most positive experience I’ve ever had with an attorney and will use Mr. Sharlin on other legal matters. I highly recommend him.

Mr. Sharlin is proud to serve Mercer County and the surrounding areas and looks forward to many years of legal service in the local community. For an initial free consultation, contact the Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC at (609) 585-0606.

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC

is owned and operated by H. Benjamin Sharlin and serves all of Mercer County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Mr. Sharlin is a bilingual Spanish-speaking attorney who vigorously represents the interests of all his clients.

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