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Consumer Law

When consumers purchase products or services, trust is established between consumers and sellers. Consumers trust that products and services will live up to their expectations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. All too often consumers are subject to breaches of warranty or contract, unsafe or defective products, misleading advertisements, misleading practices or fraud.

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC represents consumers under both state and federal protection laws. For example, sometimes motor vehicles do not run properly after numerous repairs, car dealerships fail to disclose damage prior to the sale of a motor vehicle, or home improvement contractors take advantage of homeowners by not completing work or by accepting payment and never starting the work. The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC will not tolerate misleading business practices that take advantage of consumers. Let the Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC help you fight the good fight.

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC

is owned and operated by H. Benjamin Sharlin and serves all of Mercer County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Mr. Sharlin is a bilingual Spanish-speaking attorney who vigorously represents the interests of all his clients.

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