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The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud

consumer fraud

Those who commit consumer fraud are fraudsters who prey on ignorance. Therefore, the best defense against consumer fraud is education. Do not allow yourself to be victimized. Read the following and learn about the most common forms of consumer fraud.Mortgage Fraud According to the FBI, the victims of most modern mortgage scams are distressed homeowners. […]

Businesses Facing Surge in Lawsuits Related to State Consumer Law

State Consumer Law

Due to broad interpretation of a specific consumer law known as the Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (“TCCWNA”), New Jersey has seen an increase in lawsuits against businesses operating in New Jersey. Plaintiffs and their lawyers have been particularly fond of the statute’s provisions, which can include a statutory penalty, actual damages or both. […]

Top Five Reasons Small Businesses Should Consult a Business Law Attorney

Top Five Reasons Small Businesses Should Consult a Business Law Attorney

Just how many people does it take to run a small business? Who are the most essential people? Aside from the owner, is it the accountant? Could it be the insurance agent? For certain scenarios, a business law attorney can prove to be indispensable. A business law attorney will not necessarily play a role in your […]

Discovering Exclusivity Provisions

discovering exclusivity provisions

Discovering Exclusivity ProvisionsIf you overhear discussion regarding an exclusivity provision, fear not, you are not eavesdropping on a robot couple’s conversation about commitment. Rather, what you may have stumbled upon is a matter regarding a commercial lease. The scenario most likely involves another business setting up shop within a predetermined perimeter, offering a service or […]