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Shareholder Lawsuits and Family Businesses

Shareholder lawsuits - Law Office H. Benjamin Sharlin Princeton nj

Shareholder lawsuits against controlling or majority shareholders can arise for a number of reasons.  These reasons include: the failure to pay dividends; the failure to properly value shares; disputes arising out of the shareholder agreements; improper disbursements of salary and bonuses and fraudulent practices. A common theme running through many shareholder disputes is the operation of […]

Commercial Litigation: Breach of Contract Claims

Commercial Litigation: Breach of Contract Claims - Princeton NJ

Commercial Litigation: Breach of Contract ClaimsContracts are involved in most business relationships and form the basis of lawsuits where one or both parties have breached the terms of the agreement. H. Benjamin Sharlin counsels clients through the pursuit or defense of these claims and provides guidance as to the most cost-effective and practical options. There […]

Contractor Litigation Cases: The Role of Experts

Experts are an important aspect of mostly every contractor litigation case. Usually experts in contractor litigation cases are either engineers or other contractors. The experts serve as a consultant for your construction litigation attorney and help prove what the contractor did incorrectly, and how much it will cost to correct the problems. In a claim […]

Spanish Speaking Attorney: Se Habla Español


​Spanish Speaking Attorney: Se Habla EspañolThe ability to speak another language has become increasingly more important for attorneys as the population of non-English speakers continues to grow exponentially. The ability to speak Spanish allows attorneys to service an entire segment of the population that otherwise would be unavailable. While interpreters can be useful in some […]