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At H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC, we empower you to reclaim your rights. We are committed to supporting you in managing legal matters for both personal and business situations. Stand up to exploitation with confidence.

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At H. Benjamin Sharlin Law, we take pride in providing expert legal representation to both businesses and individuals. As a Spanish-speaking bilingual attorney, Mr. Sharlin ensures that language is never a barrier when defending your rights. With unwavering dedication, we stand by your side, offering vigorous advocacy and personalized solutions for all your legal needs. From guiding businesses through complex transactions to championing the rights of individuals, our mission is to empower our clients and secure justice in every case we handle.

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Meet H. Benjamin Sharlin

The Law Office of H. Benjamin Sharlin LLC was established by H. Benjamin Sharlin to serve the needs of individuals and businesses in Mercer County and the greater surrounding areas. Mr. Sharlin’s top priority is to provide his clients with first-class personalized service by keeping his clients up to date and offering a strategic plan for the pursuit or defense of a claim. Mr. Sharlin treats all cases with the utmost dignity and respect no matter how small the issue.

Committed to achieving outstanding results for his clients, Mr. Sharlin will work hard to make sure that his clients achieve the best possible outcome. Mr. Sharlin takes the time to explain the legal process step by step and enables his clients to make informed decisions regarding their case.

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