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Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise Interest

Franchise Interest

Know who you are doing business with. Get written documentation. These words of advice hardly qualify as business tips. However, they still underpin the logic behind buying a franchise interest and protecting your investment. The franchisor is who you are doing business with, for example, corporate Dunkin Donuts. A franchise agreement is what you must […]

Eight Things to Consider Before Selling Your Franchise Interest

Selling Your Franchise Interest

Selling a franchise is not the same as selling an independent business.  When you sell a franchise interest, you are just changing the ownership interest (for example, one Dunkin Donuts store out of the franchise of stores). The new owner and the franchisee must agree on a sale number. The prospective owner must also prove […]

Establish Your Business with an Operating Agreement

Establish Your Business with an Operating Agreement

You have finally decided to start your own business. Now, it is time to choose a business structure. Many small business owners protect themselves by forming an LLC, or limited liability company. Regardless of which structure is chosen, one key document is necessary to establish the operation’s rules and regulations. It is called an operating […]

An Identity Theft Update

identity theft | Sharlin Law NJ Consumer Protection Attorney

This year marked the tenth anniversary of the passing of New Jersey’s Identity Theft Prevention Act.  At the time, the federal government considered identity theft to be the fastest growing financial crime.  According to Identity Theft and Phishing, a 2009 report from the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs, a thief steals someone’s identity and open accounts […]